747 Box
August 13, 2024    
6:00 am - 6:45 am

Boxing Gym in Dandenong

If you want to join a gym that offers the most vigorous boxing classes Melbourne has to offer, come to 747Fitness! We pride ourselves on being a gym with boxing classes that are great for everyone, with a wide range of great beginners boxing class and advanced boxing fitness class options. We also offer fantastic women’s boxing classes in Dandenong as well as mixed boxing group classes to ensure that every member feels comfortable at all times. No matter what your current skill level or weight class is, our gym makes it easy to find the right boxing fitness class for you.

Enrol in a Boxing Fitness Class Today

If you’ve been wondering, “Is there a gym where I can improve my boxing fitness near me?”, call 747Fitness on 0401 758 503 or contact us online to enrol in a boxing class our Dandenong gym offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What boxing weight class am I?

Our boxing trainers will assess your current body weight, body type and boxing skill level to determine which boxing weight class you are. We will then then recommend which of our boxing group classes or private classes is right for you.

How do I know my boxing style?

If you’re not sure what your boxing style is, our boxing trainers will assess your abilities when you participate in a beginners boxing class. We can then recommend the type of boxing style that best suits you.

Which boxing class is right for me?

The boxing class you are depends on your current body weight and skill level. We recommend that anyone that joins a beginners boxing class starts at a lower weight class to gain more boxing experience and boost their confidence. Anyone that has done boxing classes before or has a higher body weight may belong to a higher weight class.

How do I choose my boxing weight class?

747Fitness’s trainers for boxing in Dandenong will determine which boxing weight class each participant belongs to based on their body weight, skill level and body type.