group training

Here at 747 fitness we provide group based training in a variety areas including Strength and Conditioning.

Our group classes are a great alternative to one on one sessions. Our experienced trainers will deliver sessions which are both challenging and rewarding whilst creating an environment that builds friendships and trust.

​With our group training classes, every year we also have 9 week challenges or summer challenges. For more information on our challenges please visit our Facebook or Instagram page.

type of classes

Strength and Conditioning

This class is designed to help shed the excess fat while building strength and endurance. Out strength and conditioning classes push your body to the limit testing your strength, power, flexibility and can also aim to prevent future injuries


This class is a short and intense style of training where the thrill and motivation comes form pushing your physical and mental limits. A hight intensity, low impact workout which is scientifically proven to return rapid results

Learn2Lift Strength

This class is an individual based strength class which we make you more stronger and powerful, you will learn & perform exercises suited to your body movement without getting injured or feeling pain.

Athlete Strength and Conditioning

This is for any athlete at any level for any sport that is looking to improve their physical performance. This can vary from speed, strength, power, endurance, mobility and flexibility.

Intense Conditioning

This is class is a challenging conditioning training using weights, barbells, TRX, boxing, kickboxing and your own body weight to define, develop, and tone in a 45 minute express calss.

Cardio Box

This class focuses on cardio and technique, making it a top pick for those who aim to improve their fitness and sculpt their arms and abs. A typical 747 cardio box calls will include skipping, footwork drills, padword, heave-bag work and core exercises.

Cardio Kick

In this calls you will learn striking techniques whilst developing balance, coordination, rhythm, speed and power. These classes provide a great cardiovascular workout, promoting fitness, muscle toning and weight loss.


In this class you will either do Kickboxing, Boxing or Muay Thai drills. Whatever the coach wants to do on the day, you will be in for a surprise every Saturday