Thailand Training Trip

Every year towards the end of June, 747 does a trip to Thailand for 11 days.

What’s included: Don’t stress about working out your itinerary. The camp package is inclusive of training, accommodation, flight tickets & insurance.

At each camp that we train at, you will be individually trained by a professional fighter to ensure you learn a ton of new techniques while having an incredible experience training & exploring the beautiful Thailand culture.
Top quality accommodation is included allowing you to rest & re-energise in between training sessions in your clean, comfortable hotel room which is near the gym.

The group environment that 747 creates & brings to Thailand is hard to beat. Surround yourself with other motivated individuals and make life-long friends. Periodised training program with Kosta having a high performance strength & conditioning background, the Thailand training camp will not burn you out. The way the camp is structured, it has a steady balance of intense and technical training sessions, yoga sessions, ice baths, sauna & massages for recovery.

We don’t just train, we also have activity days featuring group sightseeing, quad biking, water rafting, flying fox, elephant riding, night out on the town & much more.