Strength Training and
Conditioning Program

747Fitness, in conjunction with Spartan Edge Fitness, offers a new Club Strength and Conditioning program. The service offers a specific sports strength and conditioning program for soccer, football, tennis and other types of sporting clubs, including amateur, semi-pro or professional, for individual or multiple teams ranging from U9s to seniors. Our certified strength and conditioning specialist can come to you Melbourne wide, or you come to us at our facility in Dandenong and train exclusively with your team only.

Strength and Conditioning Program Overview

As the strength and conditioning class will be designed to suit your team, a strength and conditioning coach will always be on hand, whether it be at the club or our gym.

The strength training and conditioning program will complement the mission, vision and coaching philosophy of the club/team.

A strength and conditioning program can include:

  • Team Training Warm-up and Cool-down protocols
  • Team Match Day Warm-up and Cool-down protocols
  • Exercise Prescription for:
    • Activation (Switching on the right muscles for performance)
    • Mobility & Flexibility (because stiffness can lead to injuries)
  • Nutrition Guidelines (pre, post training & games)
  • Recovery Strategies and Guidelines (so you can show up to your next training/ game with minimal soreness)
  • Injury Prevention (because nobody wants to get injured)
  • Return to Play from injury programming – working with the allied health professionals from the club, e.g. club physio, osteo, to get you back playing in peak condition and minimising the chance of recurrent injury.
  • Athlete Wellness Monitoring (from a phone application and GPS units)
  • Motor Skill Development for:
    • Jumping
    • Landing
    • Accelerating
    • Decelerating
    • Changing direction
    • Sprinting
  • Strength and conditioning workouts mastering basic movement patterns before getting more complex.
  • Every athlete’s strength training and conditioning program will vary due to experience and movement. Strength is key.

Frequently Asked Questions

A strength and conditioning coach is a professional sports trainer who can design full body strength and conditioning workout programs that aim to improve an athlete’s skills and level of performance. These strength and conditioning courses are devised for both professional and student athletes as well as athletic teams that play a specific sport. 747Fitness offers boxing, weightlifting, football and soccer strength and conditioning workouts, as well as options for other sports.

No, it isn’t necessary to buy any exercise equipment to do certain strength and conditioning workouts, such as push-ups, squats and lunges that use your body’s own weight to help build up your strength.

Yes, they can. In fact, 747Fitness highly recommends strength and conditioning for sports performance for participants of all levels. We offer multiple strength and conditioning courses and can recommend one that suits the ability level of beginners.

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The service is also separated into 2 categories:

Junior Athlete Development; U9 to U13, objective to:

  • Balance, hand-eye, foot-eye, coordination & speed (movement quality)
  • Agility & mobility (movement quality)
  • Introduction to basic strength and conditioning bodyweight workout training
  • Development of athletic self-awareness

Academy/Senior Development; U14 to Senior:

  • Pre-Season Development Program
  • In-Season Development Program
  • Movement Screening Test to identify strengths & weaknesses in the body
  • Performance Testing, speed, agility, power and aerobic capacity.

For more information and to discuss how a strength training and conditioning program can be designed to best suit your club or team needs, please send us an email.

Sporting teams/academies we have worked with:

  • Southern United WNPL all team (U12’s to Seniors, 2017 to present)
  • Tennis Train Tennis academy (all age groups U10’s and above, 2015 to present)
  • Futbal First Football Academy (all ages U10’s and above, 2014 to present)
  • ASF (Australian schools of Football) 2012 to present
  • Ringwood Soccer Club all JNPL teams (u13’s- u16’s) 2020
  • Macedon Blues Soccer club (Seniors & reserves 2020)
  • Sandringham Soccer club (Seniors 2020)
  • Springvale White Eagles (Juniors 2016 to 2019)
  • Bulleen Lions Soccer Club (Seniors 2017)
  • Nunawading Soccer Club (Seniors & Reserves 2013-2014)
  • Brandon Park Soccer Club (all age groups juniors & seniors 2016 to 2018)
  • Langwarrin Soccer Club (U15’s 2019)
  • Bentleigh Greens (U16’s 2012)