Mobile PT

With one on one or small group with family or friends with a personal trainer, it is personalised for YOU. All in your own home or a nearby park, it’s non-threatening and uncrowded environment. A personal trainer will come to your home or local park , assess your goals and then make it happen. Every individual will have there own plan with there consult.

Your Own Exercise Plan

Your 747 personal trainer will design your own exercise program focusing on your goals, exercise preferences, current condition, health requirements and lifestyle. A program suited to you is the best way to get long term sustainable results with a constant monitoring & tracking to make sure we achieve the goals we have set out to do.

Your Own Nutrition Plan

Our 747 trainers will create a personalised nutrition plan, suited to your goals. The perks of getting home training is that we are literally there to show you what foods are more appropriate to your goals and help you meal prep/ organise to achieve the desired goals.

Mobile personal training is only available for the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Price will vary due to distance, number of participants.