Business mentoring for PT’s & Gym owners

The best coaches and personal trainers have their own coaches and mentors. I’d go so far as to say that you can’t reach your full business potential without getting business coaching of your own. You must be developing & growing in this industry.

Our own business depends on making other people hire us as their training coach to improve their fitness and health. You help personal training clients focus on their habits and bring out what they didn’t think they could achieve before.

If we follow this reasoning, shouldn’t we hire a coach for ourselves either to improve our own business or health?

If you don’t use coaching yourself, how can you preach its virtues to clients?

What you get from the Private 747 Mentoring Program:

Access to Kosta’s team of experts. Can you imagine how many contacts Kosta has of 10 years in the fitness industry has collected? If you need a graphic designer, the best deals on fitness equipment, advice on engaging a Personal Assistant or Virtual Assistant, where to get business cards and much, much more. He has every dynamic covered