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747Fitness provides group fitness classes in a variety of areas, including a strength and conditioning gym class, specific strength and conditioning for athletes, HIIT, cardio kickboxing, cardio boxing, yoga & meditation, and learn 2 lift strength sessions.

Our group fitness classes are a great alternative to one-on-one sessions. Our experienced trainers will deliver sessions which are challenging, rewarding and results driven whilst creating an environment that builds friendships and trust.

All group fitness classes are capped to make sure we pay attention to every single individual that takes part in every class. (Click here if you would like to enquire for whichever class you are interested in)

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Group Fitness Classes We Offer

Yoga and Meditation

747Fitness holds yoga classes in Dandenong where participants can learn a variety of yoga positions and breathing and relaxation techniques. Members of all fitness levels can join our yoga classes to relax, enhance strength and flexibility, and allow for their muscles to recover. View our gym and yoga timetable in Dandenong to discover class times.

Strength and Conditioning

747Fitness offers a strength and conditioning gym class that delivers great results. Our programs get you to do a variety of exercises to help you become stronger and fitter. View our group fitness timetable to find a strength and conditioning class that suits your schedule.


Sign up for our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes to take your fitness to the next level. HIIT classes are great for building up cardiovascular fitness, boosting strength, building lean muscle, burning calories, and getting fantastic results. View our group fitness timetable to find a HIIT class that’s right for you.


Box HIIT will be a mix between boxing training & HIIT (High intensity interval training). It will teach participants basic boxing skills & techniques to help boost strength, coordination and cardio endurance, while the HIIT component of the session is designed to burn fat & build lean muscle. Box HIIT training will force your body to use energy from fat as opposed to carbs- this will make losing fat more efficient.


If you want a vigorous workout that literally packs a punch, try one of the high intensity boxing classes our Dandenong gym has to offer. These classes teach participants basic boxing skills and techniques to help boost strength, coordination and cardio endurance. Not only will they get your heart rate up, but they’ll also get you shredded! View our group fitness timetable to find a boxing class that fits within your schedule.


Come to 747Fitness when you’re looking for intermediate or advanced kickboxing classes in Dandenong. Participants will learn effective offensive and defensive techniques and get a full body workout that will take their fitness to the next level. View our group fitness timetable to find a kickboxing class at a time that suits you.

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If you’re looking for a gym in Dandenong that offers a range of group fitness classes, don’t look past 747Fitness. Enquire about our classes or make a booking today by calling 0401 758 503 or contacting us online.