2018 IS HERE!

  • January 17, 2020

A word from Kosta

Hey 747 Family! Thank you for opening & reading our first ever issue of the 747 newsletter. The 747 Newsletter will contain content such as upcoming events, fitness & nutrition facts,promotions, receipts, client of the month Q & A and much more. Let’s make 2018 the best one yet! The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen 😉

Welcome to Michael!

We know that Michael seems like part of the furniture by now and most of you have already met him. Michael has joined the 747 team only a few months back but he has already made a massive impact. Welcome to the family Michael! Here are a few fun facts about Michael that you may not know:

Favourite food
Nothing beats a perfectly cooked steak, im sure most of us would agree

Favourite sport
Mma/muay thai has always been my Favourite sport

Something we don’t know about you
I have travelled to 26 countries, and my scariest experience is running with the bulls in Pamplona 2015

Your impression of 747fitness
I love the family friendly environment of 747, the motivation and positivity that everyone feeds off each other is amazing

News, tips and more

Here is what happened in January:

  • The First 8 Week Challange Of 2018 Kicked Off
  • The First High Preformance Testing Day Went Ahead With 80+ Athletes Participating This Event
  • A New Timetable Was Launched Including The Introduction Of Event Training

Upcoming events

Run for the kids is an annual event that 747 takes part in. This event is really important to Kosta so we ask everyone to get together and support Kosta and this event. Training for the event has commenced and the sessions are on Wednesday and Thursday night.

More details are to come about how to register for the event.

Ps not everyone is required to run, you can simply walk with the 747family and you are welcome to bring your friends and family along too!

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