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July 4, 2024    
6:00 am - 6:45 am

HIIT Boxing Cardio Workout in Dandenong

If you want to do some boxing while boosting your strength and cardio fitness, sign up for a boxing HIIT class at 747Fitness. With us, you can get a vigorous 30-minute boxing workout where you’ll do many cardio exercises as well as all sorts of boxing moves. We have multiple boxing HIIT class options to choose from that offer a boxing HIIT workout for beginners, intermediate and advanced participants alike, allowing you to choose the class that’s best suited to your skill level.

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If you’re looking for a gym where you can do a HIIT boxing cardio workout in Dandenong, call 747Fitness on 0401 758 503 or contact us online to sign up for our boxing HIIT class.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a HIIT box workout?

A boxing HIIT workout is a type of HIIT training that combines boxing movements with the types of intense cardio exercises commonly done in HIIT workouts. The goal is to help get the participant’s heart rate up, allowing them to burn fat and build muscle.

Is boxing a form of HIIT?

Yes, it can be. A boxing HIIT workout incorporates the physical movements and challenges of boxing as well as providing the cardiovascular exercises and benefits that HIIT workouts offer.

Is punching a bag a HIIT workout?

Yes, it is! Doing a 30-minute boxing workout that involves a punching bag is considered a HIIT workout. This is because punching a bag makes participants do boxing moves like hooks, uppercuts and jabs that work out the whole body, especially the upper body, core and lower body areas. This can help participants to build strength, improve cardiovascular fitness and improve agility and coordination.