Strength & Conditioning – What it is & How it Can Benefit You

A common misconception about strength and conditioning for sports performance is that it’s only for athletes. However, the reality is that anyone can do it and experience the benefits it has to offer, such as recovering from injuries faster and getting fitter and stronger. But what exactly is strength and conditioning for sports performance? 747Fitness explains everything you need to know below.

What is Strength & Conditioning?

Strength and conditioning for sports performance is the practical application of sports science to improve the quality of a person’s performance. Strength and conditioning workouts are designed to enhance a person’s speed, mobility, core strength, endurance level, weightlifting capabilities and much more. There are strength and conditioning courses specifically created for people who play football, soccer, tennis and other types of sports at any level.

How Strength & Conditioning Can Benefit You

Injury Prevention

Doing strength and conditioning workouts on a regular basis can protect a person from experiencing injuries that are preventable. When you follow the correct movement techniques when playing sport or exercising and have a proper understanding of body mechanics, you can strengthen both your ligaments and tendons which will prevent them experiencing any muscle imbalances and reduce the occurrence of injuries.

Better Performance

Strength and conditioning workouts can improve a person’s performance in the sport they play or with general exercise over time due to the scientifically backed training methods that are used. A coach that runs strength and conditioning courses can determine which physical, mental and tactical factors should be considered to enhance a person’s performance.

Enhanced Muscle Mass & Metabolism

Strength and conditioning courses help people to build their muscle mass, which in turn boosts the metabolism and makes muscles burn, both of which will help people to lose weight. Building muscle mass is beneficial as it’s known to minimise the likelihood of developing obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, insulin resistance and other serious health issues.

Faster Recovery Time

Although strength and conditioning for sports performance will help to minimise the likelihood of getting injured, there will unfortunately still be times when injuries occur. Strength and conditioning workouts will make muscles stronger and therefore help the body to recover from injuries much faster. Coaches that run strength and conditioning courses have the experience needed to improve a person’s movement patterns and condition their muscles to recover quicker.

Improved Bone Strength

Participating in strength and conditioning courses can help to build bone strength, decrease bone loss, and stop osteoporosis and other age-related declines in bone strength from developing. Doing strength and conditioning workouts that include weight bearing and strengthening exercises can strengthen both bones and the overall musculoskeletal system, allowing people to better lift, move, and perform multiple types of sports and recreational activities.

Improved Posture

Strength and conditioning courses help to train a person’s muscles, allowing them to more safely lift and hold their body upright which can make them look taller instead of hunched over. Having better posture not only looks better, but can also improves a person’s bodily functions such as their blood circulation and respiratory system.

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